User-Friendly Inventory Management Solutions

For more than 28 years, IntelliTrack been an industry leader in barcode and RFID software, helping thousands of customers manage their inventory with innovative solutions. Whether you’re switching from pen and paper or looking for an easier way to track your inventory, IntelliTrack makes inventory management simple.

With our affordable, easy-to-use software you’ll always know…

What You Have
Manage an endless variety of items with IntelliTrack. Whether you’re tracking your retail inventory, consumable supplies that you need for your business, or critical assets and equipment, our software can help you manage it all.

How Much You Have
Know exactly how much you have of each item at any time by managing your inventory in real-time. Our scanning technology works with barcodes, RFID tags, and Bluetooth beacons to help you maintain accurate counts instantly.

Where It Is
Spend less time looking for items by tracking their exact locations in IntelliTrack. By tagging and tracking locations, shelves, containers, bins, and assignees, you’ll be able to optimize your processes and increase productivity.

Who Has It
Reduce stress and prevent losses by managing your business assets with IntelliTrack. Easily track your expensive technology and tools using check-out, asset tracking, and advanced data functionality from IntelliTrack.

Our flexible web-based platform provides a range of capabilities, including barcode scanning, inventory and warehouse management, package tracking, asset control, picking, receiving, and more.