Keeping Warehouse Costs Down


Reducing warehouse costs is an ongoing project that requires smart actions that don’t compromise quality or customer satisfaction. Here are some ideas for helping your warehouse spend less and maximize profits. Inventory Protection Inventory losses to the tune of billions of dollars are noted each year in warehouses. While theft and misplacement do play a … Read moreKeeping Warehouse Costs Down

IntelliTrack® Now Integrates with Shopify!

shopify integration

IntelliTrack® customers can rejoice! We’ve recently created a Shopify integration for our inventory management software. What does this Mean for You? Integration with the Shopify platform allows for real-time, accurate inventory tracking within one seamless system. With the Shopify plug-in, customers can easily pull data from their Shopify eCommerce site and fulfill those orders using … Read moreIntelliTrack® Now Integrates with Shopify!

International Shipping and Trade the Next Step for Many Small Businesses

international shipping

A common theme among small businesses is the mindset that their own operations do not have the resources to offer international shipping. Companies that consider themselves part of this group should think about changing their approach to shipping and marketing. All marketplaces are now global, and it would be unwise to restrict your brand to … Read moreInternational Shipping and Trade the Next Step for Many Small Businesses

Logistics Advice for Small Businesses from Experienced Entrepreneurs


Running a small business requires a lot of hard work and time, but one area that can take many entrepreneurs by surprise is the complexity of supply chain logistics. Here is some valuable advice from entrepreneurs who have navigated these challenging waters and emerged victorious. Washington-based Liberty Bottlework’s co-founder, Tim Andis, said that customizing the … Read moreLogistics Advice for Small Businesses from Experienced Entrepreneurs