IntelliTrack® Software Updates Completed on February 25, 2018

IntelliTrack® Software Updates Completed on February 25, 2018

IntelliTrack® completed updates to our IntelliTrack® web-based software on Sunday, February 25, 2018. This update includes an exciting addition to our IntelliTrack integrations: IntelliTrack for Shopify®. By linking IntelliTrack and Shopify, this integration enables you to track inventory and orders from your Shopify online store in IntelliTrack Inventory.

IntelliTrack for Shopify Integration

Combine the power of IntelliTrack Inventory with your Shopify online store to create one seamless inventory and order management system. Features of the integration include:

  • Data Import from Shopify to IntelliTrack: Import Shopify products, carriers, customers, inventory, and orders into IntelliTrack.
  • Inventory Adjustments: Inventory is processed once a day at a preset time in IntelliTrack and exported to Shopify.
  • Picking Orders: Open, unfulfilled orders are imported from Shopify into IntelliTrack as picking orders. Fully picked, closed picking orders are exported to Shopify as fulfilled orders. Shipping information, including the order tracking number and shipment cost is also exported to Shopify as part of the order. Orders are imported and exported automatically by the integration, at preset intervals.
  • Shipment Notifications: Shopify will always send a shipment email notification, regardless of individual order settings when you enable this setting.
  • Required IntelliTrack features: To install and use IntelliTrack for Shopify, the following features must be included in the IntelliTrack user role: Integrate and IntelliTrack for Shopify or IntelliTrack for Shopify Manual Sync.
  • With the IntelliTrack for Shopify Manual Sync feature, sync data manually at any time, including inventory adjustments and picking orders.

Installing the Integration

The integration is installed from the IntelliTrack Plugin Host Utility. In IntelliTrack, select Tools > Install Plugin Host Utility to reach this page and download the installer. The integration must be connected to your online store and this connection must be available in order to sync data.